Mission Participant Donor Info

Mission Donor Info

  • If this number does not match the number on the etransfer that you sent, we won't accept the e-transfer.
  • Accurate info for each donor is necessary for us to be able to provide a tax receipt at the end of the year. Please make sure the total number below is equivalent to the amount you sent in your e-transfer. If you received a cash donation from some who didn't provide a name, or from anyone who doesn't want a tax receipt, please lump it all together and call it "Anonymous" in the donor name field. Please note: you are able to add multiple donors by hitting the plus (+) sign after the "Donor Email" field. If this section is imcomplete, we will not accept the etransfer, and ask you to resnd it when you have all the donor information.
    Donor NameAmount DonatedFull Donor AddressDonor PhoneDonor Email